Heritage Visitor Centre

Building 10 after refurbishment
New visitor information centre and shop in refurbished building. New slate roof covering with low profile roof lights and insulation. Re-bedded coping stones and gutters. Existing first floor windows have been taken out, cleaned back to original cast iron, repainted and re-glazed. External stonework has had individual stones cut out and replaced with stone to match with similar grain and colour in lime mortar. New ground floor windows with more detail have been inserted. Internally the back and front have been connected with a new floor at the rear as the original had covered an old ash pit. A new first floor was created with stairs and lift with kitchenette and toilets to create independent functional space. This project was undertaken with BMBC Architects Department
Visitor Information Centre with first floor accommodation
Visitor Information Centre in context
Building 10 in decay
‘Building 10′ before refurbishment – deeply corroded stonework, modern, unsympathetic, ground floor windows and door from the 1950s earth piled up against building leading to damp, plastic gutters and downpipes decayed internally and with a crumbling roof